Our Story

Following a report on happiness, published in 2011, GiveGab co-founder, Charlie Mulligan, was inspired to transform the way people engage in philanthropy. After discovering that those who give back to charitable organizations are happier, but that the means they have to connect with those organizations was limited, GiveGab was born to help fundraising professionals reach more donors.

With our focus always on creating an accessible place for everyone to give and to gab about philanthropy, GiveGab has quickly risen to the top as the #1 Giving Day platform and year-round fundraising solution.

We make fundraising easy, enjoyable, and effective by providing an intuitive, customer-informed platform supported by dedicated project managers who help ensure you experience year-over-year fundraising growth, making your online fundraising experience both fun and rewarding.

In 2021, GiveGab joined EveryAction, the fastest growing and second largest nonprofit software company. Together, we are committed to providing elevated platform improvements as our teams collaborate to advance the fundraising sector.

Isaiah and Katrina

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to make it incredibly easy for fundraising professionals to be great at their jobs. We want our partners to love working with us, our employees to love working for us, and our communities to love that we’re a part of their communities.

Customer Love
We are more than just a tech company - we are a people company. Our number one goal that guides all our actions and decisions is delighting our customers. Together, we listen to your feedback and respond to ensure your team loves GiveGab and your donors and Giving Day participants love you.
Team Culture
We know that in order for you to love working with us, we have to love working with each other! It’s our job to make sure we listen to each other, learn from each other, and support each other. Because we prioritize team culture, it’s not hard to believe our quirky team has helped raise more than $1.5 Billion by working together.
Walk the Walk
We are Giving Day leaders, too! In order to provide the best direct support to your team, we become true partners by helping you build your fundraising strategy using our first-hand experience running Giving Days and volunteering for community organizations. Join us on this challenging, surprising, and rewarding journey.