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Quiz: Are You a Shopaholic, Or Just Looking Around?

It’s no secret that women love to shop, so you really can’t help it. It’s in your DNA. If you have a bad day, you know a little retail therapy will put a smile on your face. A trip to your favorite retailer can ease the pain and make it all better. Then, when you have a good day, a shopping trip can make it even better. If you get a promotion, you might as well celebrate by buying a new outfit and some makeup. If the kids do well in school, you deserve a new pair of shoes. That’s just the way the world works. OK, maybe it works like that to a point, but are your shopping habits getting out of control? Before you become the subject of an intervention, take this quiz. Then, you can find out if you’re a shopaholic or if you just like to look around a bit.It’s All About the Balance Don’t worry, this quiz isn’t going to try to get you to put down the credit card and leave your shopping days behind you. Instead, it’s going to help you find a balance between saying, “Charge it,” and, “I can’t go shopping today.” When you find that balance, you’ll have more money in your bank account and you won’t feel as guilty when you pick up something nice from your favorite retailer. Plus, your relationships will be better once you find that balance. Your friends and family won’t be nearly as worried about your shopping habits.Getting Back in Control What if the quiz says that you’re out of control? Is it too late for you? You can always make changes, but you have to be willing to make the effort. Start saying no to some shopping trips. Cut them in half and then go from there. Taking little steps here and there will make a huge difference in overcoming your shopping addiction. No one wants to be a shopping addict, but you can get control back. Take the quiz and find out where you stand in the retail world.

Are You Skinflint Or Spendthrift? [Quiz]

Do you hold onto all of your money, waiting for those rainy days that never seem to come, or do you spend everything that you have and then scramble around whenever you need extra cash for AC repairs or rent? Your spending habits say a lot about your personality, but you probably don’t give them much thought. It’s time to determine if you’re a skinflint, spendthrift, or something in between. Then, you’ll know if you need to change your spending ways before your habits get out of control. It’s Not Just Money You’ve probably heard the saying, “It’s just money,” but that isn’t necessarily true. If you spend lavishly on others, you’re very generous, which is a good thing. At the same time, you likely lack impulse control and you’re not practical. You have a hard time handling emergency situations, meaning you might have to turn to others for help if your car breaks down or your air conditioner stops working. Do you think the people you’re generous with will be just as generous with you? Will they lend you money in your time of need, or will they look the other way? On the other side of the coin, if you hold onto every dollar, you can seem uncaring and like you aren’t a lot of fun. Sure, you always have money if your car breaks down or your air conditioner is out of service, but you aren’t spontaneous and you aren’t willing to help a friend in need. Who wants a friend like that? Finding the Middle Ground This test will help you find the middle ground. Instead of being a skinflint or a spendthrift, you can learn to save and spend at the same time. Life is about compromise. You shouldn’t spend all of your money, but you shouldn’t save it all, either. Once you take this test, you’ll know what you need to work on in order to find the balance. Then, you can strive to be more balanced with your money. Money doesn’t have to rule your life. Take this quiz to find out what role money plays in your life, and then find a way to balance it out. You’ll be happier, healthier, and well respected once you find that balance.

Cash or Credit? [Quiz]

Do you always say, “Charge it,” or do you like to save for the big items? You might not realize it, but every financial decision that you make has a huge impact on your future. You need to analyze your finances now so you can prepare for your future. This Cash or Credit quiz will help you learn more about your finances. Then, you’ll know if you should keep cruising right along or if you need to make some changes.The Dangers of Credit If you want something, it’s hard to say no. That is why credit is such a popular choice. You can say, “Charge it,” today and then worry about it later. However, if you say, “Charge it,” over and over again, all of those bills will add up and you will be in trouble. That is why it is so important that you answer the questions in this quiz honestly. As you move through the questions, you need to put some thought into the process and provide the right answer, even if it means that you have to admit that you’ve lied to get credit or that you have a large number of credit cards. Those answers might not be comfortable, but they are necessary in order to provide an accurate picture of your credit profile.Is Some Credit OK? Don’t worry if you do have some credit. It’s okay to have a credit card or a mortgage on your house. If you are smart with your credit, the test results will indicate that. You can find a nice balance between cash and credit. In fact, some of the happiest people have that balance. They don’t charge much, but they do charge the things that they absolutely need, such as a roof over their heads. They aren’t going to go without, but they aren’t going to live in debt, either.Is It Too Late? When you get your results, you might think it is too late to change. You can always make a change. You might need to get a credit counselor to help you, but you can move forward and have a healthy financial life. Start by taking the test. Then, you will know if you need further assistance.